[NAFEX] fruits that like wet feet

Charles Paradise machelp at attglobal.net
Sat Apr 9 11:47:29 EDT 2005

I have seen Prunus Americana growing on quite wet soil, but in Wisconsin I have seen it growing in rich but drier soil....but there are different races of P. Americana and their adaptation is believed [by me] to be very different.  Perhaps Jerry Lehman can comment about persimmon, I don't grow persimmon...but in planting P. Americana I would plant both a western and an eastern race to see which does better in your location

I don't know anything that will survive the winter on soggy soil, unless maybe cranberry.
Charlie Paradise

Deb Schneider wrote:

> I have a place along a drainage ditch that I would like to plant a fruiting hedge.  Our soil is heavy clay.  The front lip of the ditch does drain, but it is still a wet area.  Are there any fruiting hedges that would do well in a location like this?  I am in SE Ohio.
> deb

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