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Sat Apr 9 08:56:16 EDT 2005

Mark wrote:
I live in West-Central Iowa (the northern tip of zone 5), near the city of 
Atlantic.   I have a decent microclimate with good air drainage and a sheltered 
spot on the South side of my barn.

Any specific cultivars that would be recommended for this area?   Grafted vs. 
non-grafted seedlings?   Do I need 2 cultivars for pollination?

Hello Mark,

Pawpaw are monoecious but not usually self pollinating. Therefore you will 
need more than one variety. They don't need a well drained soil. If starting 
from seed, plant in full sun as with other fruits but provide shade the first and 
even second year such as a short tree shelter. Without shade your chances of 
growing from seed are only about 10%. 

If you purchase nursery trees get potted grafted trees and even then it isn't 
a bad idea to provide shade the first year, but not necessary if you 
faithfully water it all summer. Because bees are not attracted to pawpaw flowers plant 
them close together, 10 feet or less. There are vectors that will carry the 
pollen, but my observation is they generally aren't good flyers. Hand 
pollination works well. 

Jerry Lehman

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