[NAFEX] Re: nafex Digest, Vol 27, Issue 20

Jason MacArthur rotread at localnet.com
Fri Apr 8 15:31:08 EDT 2005

Help!  I just received some apple trees in the mail from a nursery in 
California which are starting to  leaf out already.  The soil here is 
thawed but still quite muddy- is it better to plant trees in wet soil 
or to hold them once they have leafed out?  Is it that critical either 
way?  I will be digging with a shovel so I can be careful, but I will 
definitely impact soil structure for the worse, and risk leaving the 
tree stuck in a compacted "pot" in the ground.  Any experienced apple 
growers out there with any suggestions?

Jason MacArthur
zone 4
Marlboro, Vt

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