[NAFEX] Iowa Pawpaw and Persimmon recommendations?

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Mark   I live west of you in Magnolia, Iowa.  I have a 25 year old persimmon
tree. Early Golden is the variety.  It was somewhat self fertile but I
finally started getting a good crop when I planted a male persimmon for
cross pollination.  I have a pawpaw that bears a small crop every year.  It
would probably do better if I had a second variety for cross pollination.
They tend to be difficult to pollinate.   Judson L. Frisk



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Hello, I'm a new fruit grower and am curious to plant a few Pawpaws and
American Persimmons.  I live in West-Central Iowa (the northern tip of zone
5), near the city of Atlantic.  I have a decent microclimate with good air
drainage and a sheltered spot on the south side of my barn.

Any specific cultivars that would be recommended for this area?  Grafted vs.
non-grafted seedlings?  Do I need 2 cultivars for pollination for pawpaws
and/or persimmons?


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