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'Elizabeth' is not a new cultivar, but was released by Rutgers University in 1966. I have not grown it yet, but have a few on order that should be arriving any day. I would expect it to ripen much earlier than August, probably late June to early July here in Tennessee, maybe a week or two later for you in Indiana.

Here is a description from Hartmann's Plant Company.

"Named after Elizabeth White, one of the early blueberry researchers. Elizabeth has the flavor everyone loves. The balance of sweetness and tartness cannot be duplicated by any other variety. Berries ripen during midseason; the fruits are medium size and are recommended for u-pick and local fresh markets only. Grown successfully in zones 5-7."

Also, from Harmann's wholesale catalog, http://www.hartmannsplantcompany.com/pdf/hartmann_ws_cat.pdf

1966 New Jersey Blueberry Variety Council


1. Highbush type cultivar.

2. Height is 6 feet at maturity. The bush is upright and slightly spreading.

3. Ripening of the fruit is mid to late season, ripening approximately July 25th in South Haven, MI.

4. Yield is high and dependable in moderate climates. In harsher climates production can be inconsistent.

5. Fruit size is very large, 50 berries per cup.

6. Quality of the fruits are fair, and fruits are medium blue in color. The cultivar is prized for its excellent flavor.

7. Harvest can be done by hand or machine. The berry clusters are loose and easy to harvest.

8. Marketing is mainly for the fresh market because of its superior flavor.

9. We introduced this plant back into production because of its outstanding flavor.


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  I have 2 questions:
  1.  Has anybody heard, know of, a blueberry called "Elizabeth"?  Apparently a new cultivar.  August ripening, large berries, catalog says.  Does anybody have any experience with this plant?
  2,  Does anybody know how to stimulate forsythia to bloom more?  Ours are somewhat sparse.  I see some covered completely.  What's the difference?  Is it trimming?  Fertilizing?  sun/shade?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
  Jerry in southern Indiana
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