[NAFEX] April 5 and already an embedded tick

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 8 00:36:54 EDT 2005

Wasn't this one of the extraction methods which causes the tick to spasm and
potentially force some of its infected gut contents into host's skin?  I wonder
about the pyrethrum method too.  

I like to use an insect repellant rated for ticks, from the time the snow melts down
to the last few shaded snow piles, in early spring, until snow falls in autumn. 
Especially during the months when the nymphal stages of deer-tick are active (May,
June, & July, last thing I read).  These can look like a fleck of dirt in a wrinkle
of your skin: if you find yourself saying "Damn! I took a shower!"  grab a
hand-lens, to see if the fleck of dirt has legs.

--- Bruce Hansen <wrote:
> Use a cigarette. Place the hot end on the tick and it will back out.

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