[NAFEX] April 5 and already an embedded tick

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Use a cigarette. Place the hot end on the tick and it will back out.
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  Tuesday night found tick embedded on my shoulder, small tick.  Neighbor
had a go with tweezers pulling out the mouth left in, couldn't get it out.
  18 months ago got an embedded tick on November 1, clearly was sick after
finding the tick embedded 36 hrs., did antibiotic, don't want to do
doxycycline antibiotic again if can avoid.  Antibiotic took lots of energy
away from me I haven't regained yet.  Or, maybe it was whichever disease the
tick then carried.

  Now I read Lyme has 28-day cycle and any antibiotic administered less than
28 days will fail.  The tick 18 mos. ago had a clear "halo" circle around
the bite, the first I'd ever seen, but this one now is just red from the
bite out, without the "halo".  I don't feel good, but no fever, no terrible
aches, slept well last night

  I sent the tick to Imugen, Inc.
  220 Norwood Park
  Norwood, MA 02062
  $75/tick for species identification and testing for the bacteria that
cause Lyme disease,

  and I have the option of having my M.D. try to pull out what remains of
the tick in my shoulder, but since its healed over I don't see the big
advantage in that.

  Obviously its time to adopt a lyme strategy, which for me is:
  buy a better tick extractor   tickremover.com
  Watch for symptoms
  If rash appears, take antibiotic
  If tick tests positive, take antibiotic

  Have you thought out your strategy if you get a tick embedded more than 24
hours? [They say tick has to be embeeded at least 24 hrs. to transmit, and
the lab tells me still only deer ticks carry lyme]

  Charlie Paradise

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