[NAFEX] rooting hardwood grape cuttings upside down

rooting rooting at hortus.com
Wed Apr 6 21:45:08 EDT 2005

We had a request for information which was a bit different from our normal methods

A commercial grower in CA wants to 
>take this years hardwood grape cuttings
>basal dip them in solution containing Hortus IBA Water Soluble Salts @50ppm IBA for 4-6 hours. (http://www.hummert.com)

He says his normal procedure is to totally cover the treated cuttings in vermiculite UPSIDE DOWN. 
He asks if he should also dampen the  vermiculite with the IBAWSS solution. 
His procedure is to remove the cuttings from the vermiculite when the roots start to form>then plant.

I believe that his intention is to have the latent buds remain dormant until after the roots form since he does not want the bud imitation to be a sink.

My normal procedure would be to have him 
>long basal soak in the IBAWSS solution for the same concentration and timing
>then plant in a protected location.



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