[NAFEX] Old Sprayer?

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Wed Apr 6 20:49:06 EDT 2005

Hi All,

This year I get to spray the farm orchard.  I am sure my father inlaw will  
teach me all he knows about the antique sprayer he uses, but does anyone  
have any experience with OLD orchard equipment?

This sprayer is powered by a PTO from the tractor.  It has a wooden, oak  
spray tank, which has a wood paddle agitator.

The hose end of the sprayer has an adjustable spray head.  you can make a  
wide fan of spray, or a narrower stream that at one time could shoot over  
standard trees..

It is similar to the one in this picture;

Any tips on using a sprayer that is most likely twice as old as
I am?  Other than hoping the pressure relief valve does not stick.

 From the few bits of info I have found on the web, people stood atop the  
sprayer (trees were taller) as a tractor pulled it around the orchard.   
This makes sense of the wood frame in the picture to help someone be  
stable up there.

I still have to spray a handful of tall standard trees planted in 1918  
(yellow tranparent, northern spy, macintosh), but the vast majority are  
modern dwarfs.

The only non-windy times are dawn and dusk.  Any suggestons appreciated.


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