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Depends on your natural resources...

If you have a stream/pond and a sump pump with simple irrigation ditches  
you can do an awful lot.

If you want to do it simply and cheaply, combine ancient/old technology  
with new.


On Wed, 6 Apr 2005 13:39:20 -0700 (PDT), tanis grif <tanisgrif at yahoo.com>  

> This got me thinking about watering/ irrigation.  Before last year, s.WI  
> had some
> dyr summers in which we (especially the sandy soil people) had to give  
> supplimental
> water to everything planted in the previous 3 years!  This is a lot of  
> irrigation if
> you've spent every spare minute planting new stuff for 3 years!  Does  
> anyone know of
> any guidelines for planning for not planting more than can be taken care  
> of, if
> conditions turn unfavorable?
> (Welcome!  Didn't mean to sound negative in the above.  It just seemed  
> like a place
> to toss in the question for dialogue.)
> --- athagan wrote:
>> Howdy,
>> Joined the list recently and just finished reading the archives here
>> on Ibiblio so thought I ought to introduce myself for my first post.
>> I'm Alan and I live in the Gainesville, Florida area.  Have only been
>> into serious fruit for about three and a half years since we bought
>> our property, but am making up for it by running amok planting more
>> and more.....
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