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Wed Apr 6 16:14:50 EDT 2005


Joined the list recently and just finished reading the archives here
on Ibiblio so thought I ought to introduce myself for my first post.

I'm Alan and I live in the Gainesville, Florida area.  Have only been
into serious fruit for about three and a half years since we bought
our property, but am making up for it by running amok planting more
and more.

My particular interests are in low-maintenance fruits that have a good
chance of doing well in our Deep South conditions of low-chill hours
yet still cold enough to kill true tropicals along with high disease
pressure.  I've been steadily adding to my palatable cold-hardy
citrus with this year bringing me up to ten varieties plus my little
Key limes that I have to keep protected over the winter.  I'm
trialling four varieties of blackberries trying to find one that
likes our chill hours yet won't give in to rosette.  Have discovered
that low-chill pears are something worth investigating more deeply
and with the help of a few names I recognize here am working on doing
just that.  Five varieties of rabbiteye blueberries, plus some native
sparkleberries (V. arboreum) and something that I can't decide is
either dwarf huckleberry or shiny blueberry.  Hopefully this year
I'll finally get a berry or two for myself and will be able to settle
the question.  A fair amount of other types of fruit as well, but I
don't want to run on.

Looking forward to participating in the list.


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