[NAFEX] Clove Currant

lee reich lreich at hvc.rr.com
Wed Apr 6 14:52:35 EDT 2005

Unfortunately, you just have to try some from a few nurseries to find 
the best ones. I would plant two just to make sure about pollination; 
even if some do not absolutely need it, it may boost fruit size and 
yield (as it does with blueberries). I have rooted them from cuttings 
but usually just dig up one of the plants growing from the spreading 
roots. I once grew them in suburban Maryland, just outside D.C. They're 
native from Texas to Minnesota so can tolerate a wide range of 
climates. Only the blossoms are fragrant, deliciously so.

Lee Reich, PhD

On Apr 6, 2005, at 12:05 AM, Regina Kreger wrote:

> I'm interested in planting some Clove Currants. They sound wonderful!  
> Fruit, flavor, fragrance, flowers, fall foliage, ffffff....  But I'm a 
> bit confused.  Lee Reich, are you out there?  In your book, you say 
> they need cross-pollination.  But also that it's hard to find any 
> improved cultivars, and even what's sold as Crandall might be 
> seedlings and variable quality. How to find two or more good ones?  If 
> I were able to find two good cultivars (say... from someone on this 
> list?), do they root from cuttings?  Could we propagate them some 
> other way?  Will they thrive in my hot humid D.C. suburban summers?  I 
> could spare some part shade, but for the fragrance ideal would be 
> right in the full sun at the base of the back porch. Are they fragrant 
> only when in bloom, or is the whole plant fragrant?
> Yum, yum, yum.
> Regina in Riverdale, Maryland, Zone 7
> Novice fruit explorer
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