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Del, I've had trouble propagating Crandall also, but recently found a Plants for the Future page on Ribes odoratum (see  <http://www.ibiblio.org/pfaf/cgi-bin/arr_html?Ribes+odoratum> http://www.ibiblio.org/pfaf/cgi-bin/arr_html?Ribes+odoratum), that gives the following propagating advice (Lacking a mist system as Lon has, I hope to try sticking some half-ripe cuttings in July or August this year.) -- Sam Brungardt, St. Paul, Minn. (USDA Zone 4b):


Seed - best sown as soon as it is ripe in the autumn in a cold frame. Stored seed requires 3 months cold stratification at between 0 and 5° C and should be sown as early in the year as possible[113, 164]. Under normal storage conditions the seed can remain viable for 17 years or more. Prick out the seedlings into individual pots when they are large enough to handle and grow them on in a cold frame for their first winter, planting them out in late spring of the following year. 

Cuttings of half-ripe wood, 10-15 cm with a heel, July/August in a frame[78, 113]. 

Cuttings of mature wood of the current year's growth, preferably with a heel of the previous year's growth, November to February in a cold frame or sheltered bed outdoors[78, 200]. 

Division of suckers in the dormant season. They can be planted out direct into their permanent positions. 

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Probably the easiest way to root cuttings of Crandall is to use green cuttings and root them in a mist bench. 
-Lon Rombough 
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On Apr 6, 2005, at 6:04 AM, Del Stubbs wrote: 

Lon, I was glad to read your note about propagating these, out of 50 cuttings my success 
was a 
whopping zero ( with Crandalls). I tried some in the ground and some in bottom heated 
pots, what's your secret may I ask? Thanks, Del (My Crandalls aren't big enough to divide 
yet but they have branches I 'd sacrifice) 

--- "Lon J. Rombough" <lonrom at hevanet.com> wrote: 

They do root from cuttings, though not as easily as other currants. Dividing a bush 
is easier. 

Del Stubbs http://www.pinewoodforge.com zone 3 N. MN 

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