[NAFEX] Elderberries Question

Doc Lisenby longdistshtr at shtc.net
Wed Apr 6 08:48:44 EDT 2005

I drive past a house periodically where there is a  tree about six feet tall 
which bears a very heavy crop of what appears to be elderberries every year. 
The owner is never home for me to ask him or her what variety it is or 
whether it actually an elderberry.  It is fenced in and I can't get closer 
than about ten feet to it.
I remember seeing wild elderberries in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey 
similarly bearing such crops but they were annual bushes if I remember 
correctly.  I have tried several varieties here in South Carolina without 
getting near the amount of berries this specimen bears.  Anyone have any 
ideas as to what variety this could be?  Or if it is possible that a similar 
species could be mistaken for elderberry?  The leaves look just like 
elderberry leaves and the berries are the same color and size.
Doc Lisenby
Zone 7/8 

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