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Brungardt, Sam Sam.Brungardt at state.mn.us
Wed Apr 6 08:02:22 EDT 2005

Regina, a single plant of Crandall will be self-fertile.  You do not
need another clove currant cultivar to get fruit.  I have one very
productive plant of Crandall in my yard, and as far as I know, there are
no other clove currants in this part of town. -- Sam Brungardt, St.
Paul, Minn. (USDA Zone 4b)
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I'm interested in planting some Clove Currants. They sound wonderful!
Fruit, flavor, fragrance, flowers, fall foliage, ffffff....  But I'm a
bit confused.  Lee Reich, are you out there?  In your book, you say they
need cross-pollination.  But also that it's hard to find any improved
cultivars, and even what's sold as Crandall might be seedlings and
variable quality. How to find two or more good ones?  If I were able to
find two good cultivars (say... from someone on this list?), do they
root from cuttings?  Could we propagate them some other way?  Will they
thrive in my hot humid D.C. suburban summers?  I could spare some part
shade, but for the fragrance ideal would be right in the full sun at the
base of the back porch. Are they fragrant only when in bloom, or is the
whole plant fragrant?
Yum, yum, yum.
Regina in Riverdale, Maryland, Zone 7
Novice fruit explorer
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