[NAFEX] squirrels & cats & rabbits

JoanRRosenberg at aol.com JoanRRosenberg at aol.com
Tue Apr 5 20:35:51 EDT 2005

The surest way to find hunters is to adopt from Alley Cat Allies or a similar 
group which relocates spayed/neutered outdoor ferals to new homes.   They are 
not person friendly, but they do territory patrol.  Cats have to learn how to 
hunt.  To chase is instinct; to select prey, hunt and kill is learned.  

I have watched one cat teach another in my yard.  Not all of them want to 
learn.  Those that want to learn, do.  Domestic cats have fewer hunters among 
them.  Cats which have at least one semi-feral parent seem to have more interest. 

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