[NAFEX] squirrels & cats & rabbits

Hélène Dessureault interverbis at videotron.ca
Tue Apr 5 18:13:03 EDT 2005

When cats are about to be weined, their mothers show their youngs what there
is to eat. If they happen to be in an environment with lots of mice or
squirrels, you can expect  an hecatomb for a few days as samples of food is
brought home for the young to play with and taste.  When you get a grown cat
brought from a different environment, it may be that this cat is used to get
its food from a can. It is not stupid and lazy, it just responds to its
Hélène, zone 3-4
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> The neighbors' barn cat once brought in a rabbit.  (Before the days of
> home-owned video cameras, alas.)  Average-size cat, GREAT hunter.  She
could barely
> walk for the mess of rabbit dragging between her front legs.  It's
possible a hawk
> killed the rabbit, and cat stole it, but she wasn't that stupid.
> ---
> > >Summary:  Each cat is different.  Some are excellent at killing small
> > >mammals.  Some like birds, snakes, insects, etc.  Some don't catch prey
> > >all.  (My third cat has never chased anything more exciting than a
> > >feather.)  I have no idea if you can predict what kind of a hunter one
> > >will be when you acquire it.
> >
> > My wife & kids have three outdoor cats - they're mainly frog
> > predators....
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