[NAFEX] squirrels & cats & rabbits

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 5 14:34:05 EDT 2005

The neighbors' barn cat once brought in a rabbit.  (Before the days of common
home-owned video cameras, alas.)  Average-size cat, GREAT hunter.  She could barely
walk for the mess of rabbit dragging between her front legs.  It's possible a hawk
killed the rabbit, and cat stole it, but she wasn't that stupid.

> >Summary:  Each cat is different.  Some are excellent at killing small 
> >mammals.  Some like birds, snakes, insects, etc.  Some don't catch prey at 
> >all.  (My third cat has never chased anything more exciting than a stray 
> >feather.)  I have no idea if you can predict what kind of a hunter one 
> >will be when you acquire it.
> My wife & kids have three outdoor cats - they're mainly frog 
> predators....  

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