[NAFEX] Checking on a member

J.R. Johnstone johnstone.jr at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 12:07:53 EDT 2005

At 10:55 AM 4/5/2005, you wrote:
>As coordinator of the Interest groups, I'm the administrator of the e-list 
>versions.  Yesterday a notice came in for a new subscription to all the 
>groups.  Circumstances around the subscription were a little odd, and 
>there was only an address, no name, listed.

My name, postal address and telephone number are as follows:

         J.R. Johnstone
         1350 Elk Fork Road
         Gandeeville, West Virginia 252453-8616

>     I wrote to the person, but haven't gotten a reply.

I never received your email.

>   So I'm checking to see if anyone knows of a member of NAFEX, or of this 
> list, with the e-mail name of
>johnstone.jr?   If no one knows of it, I'll have to consider it a spam 
>attempt and remove it.
>-Lon Rombough

I was to subscribed to your groups under the email address of:

         jr_johnstone at punkass.com

I am changing my email account to Gmail.

You might remember me from the email you sent me regarding my previous 
email address:

>You have been subscribed to the NAFEX lists to which you applied.  With 
>due respect, the name of your ISP leaves something to be desired.
>-Lon Rombough, Interest Group Coordinator


J.R. Johnstone

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