[NAFEX] Pesky Tree Rats

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Tue Apr 5 10:08:33 EDT 2005

At 07:52 PM 4/3/2005, Steve wrote:
>There's a rodent poison called Rampage.  It's active ingredient is vitamin 
>D3, which causes rapid and fatal hardening of the arteries is rodents, and 
>only rodents.  Non-rodents eating rodents killed by Rampage would not be 

But, be aware that non-rodents eating Rampage(or any of the other Vit D 
analog rodenticides) would experience the same increased calcium 
absorption/mobilization and mineralization of tissues.  I've seen several 
puppies that dined on the D3 analogs with pretty impressive mineralization 
of renal(kidney) tubules, lung, and gastric mucosa.

Louis L. "Lucky" Pittman, Jr., DVM
Veterinary Pathologist/ Dept. Chairman
Murray St. Univ.-Breathitt Veterinary Ctr.
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