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Mon Apr 4 22:16:51 EDT 2005

Actually I like birds.  I feed them in the winter and there are tons more of 
them now then when I moved in.  As many cats as I have, I have found that they 
do not do much to the bird population.  They get baby birds that fall out of 
the nest and old ones that are not doing well.  What they do is keep ground 
critters at bay.  There are no mice and very few wood rats, no rabbits at all, 
and they keep the tree shrews and voles in check.  No moles, they all left.  
They coexist with the racoons and possums.  The raccoons steal peaches but 
otherwise leave the trees alone.  The possums don't bother anything fruitwise.  I 
lose most fruit to squirrels and earwigs.  The cats keep the squirrels at bay 
during the day, they make their inroads at night or early morning before the 
cats are prowling.  They only go after the trees that the racoons can't sleep 
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