[NAFEX] apple greensleeves

Michelle Horner shelly2 at wi.rr.com
Sun Apr 3 23:02:04 EDT 2005

I just finished the spring pruning.  You sure learn alot when you grow stuff on your own.  

I'm not sure I'd plant Goldrush again.  It always requires a ton of pruning--coupled with extremely late harvest (after several hard frosts)--tho it does keep for the entire winter with that delicious sweet tangy crunch.  Now I am noticing a lot of pruning with a selection I got sucked into from Raintree (bless their hearts!)--Greensleeves.  Has anyone else played with this tree?  I hope it is worth all this effort.  This will probably be the first year I'll get any fruit.

The plastic baggie thing sounds like this year's trial.  I am soooo tired of plum curculio damage.

Its been a fine 2 days; even with Lake Michigan cooling influence.  I've got the orchard cleaned up.  Now the rest of the yard awaits.  And I am pretty crippled up tonight!  Me and the dog are both groaning.

Michelle Horner  zone 4/5 SE WI
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