[NAFEX] MM111 graft height & burr knots?

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> Today I read something with dire warnings about the graft union 
> must end up 1 to 2 inches above soil line at planting.  The graft unions I 
> made are at about 2 FEET.  This spring I start transplanting these whips 
> from the nursery row to their permanent sites.  Should I instead plan on 
> starting over?

 I've grafted many apples anywhere from 6 inches to 5 feet above ground level 
with complete success. 

Burr knot occurs when high moisture and low level of light promote heavy 
rooting. That dark moist portion thinks it is in the ground and tries to root. 
This heavy cluster of (attempted) tiny roots is a burr of knotted roots. Hence 
Burr Knot. Some apples are more susceptible to that condition than most.   

As advised by others keeping anything that would retain moisture away from 
the understock above ground level should prevent it.  No, I wouldn't start over. 

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