[NAFEX] Rooting pears, other difficult things

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Fri Apr 1 18:35:31 EST 2005

Aren't stooling and air-layering, and the branch in a pot thru the bottom 
hole, all the same thing?

I've read somewhere that one way to get "difficult" rooters to root is to 
blanch the section of stem where you want the roots to be.  This might mean 
wrapping the branch with tape or other coating, or stapling cardboard over 
it, etc.  This convinces the stem that it is under mulch or in soil.  The 
constant dark initiates bio-chemical processes, making rooting quicker when 
you eventually take the cutting and stick it into rooting media.  This may 
have been the theory of some obscure amatuer propagator; I don't know if 
there are any charts of correct season & number days of blanching per 
species in question.

Tanis Cuff, needing better memory to match my curiosity!

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I was thinking stooling would be the answer.

Will pear air layer?

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