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That's one of the oldest methods of layering around.  In "A Reverence 
For Wood" there is a little story of an English person setting up a 
stand on a tree limb to layer a shoot.  There was a hole in the stand 
where a shoot went through, then into the drainage hole in the bottom 
of a pot set on the stand.  The family takes the rooted tree with them 
when they move to the American colonies.  This was a fairly common 
method of propagating apples before grafting became widespread.  It's a 
good way to do it if you don't mind a full size tree.
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On Apr 1, 2005, at 9:46 AM, Thomas Olenio wrote:


I just take the ground sucker, push it through the drainage hole of a 
gallon pot, wound the sucker, dust with rooting hormone, fill the pot 
with soil and leave it for a season.

While it roots in the pot, it still gets nourishment from the parent 

Once rooted in the pot, slip pruners under the pot and nip off the 
sucker from the ground.

Seems to work OK for me.
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