[NAFEX] pear compatibility (Rooting pears)

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Fri Apr 1 08:49:58 EST 2005

I admit I don't do much rooting of anything; I even have trouble getting 
willows to root!  I hope others will post their success stories and offer 

Aren't the OFxHs produced in stooling beds ?

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Subject: Re: [NAFEX] pear compatibility (Rooting pears)
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 19:45:04 -0800


What process do you use to root these softwood cuttings?  In the ground 
outside, in special rooting media in containers outside, under mist in a 
greenhouse, or plastic tenting under artificial lights, with or without 
bottom heat?  What are your experiences with that process?

I am interested in propagating the pear rootstocks (OHXF, etc.).  Any 
experiences you can share would be helpful.  I can propagate the Quince 
rootstocks with no problems.  I have more than I can use but the true pear 
rootstocks are a hurdle.

Western Washington

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