[NAFEX] rooting kiwis?

Mark Lee markl at nytec.com
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I'll have to try this.  You say that the roots appear in a few days.  Do
you mean that in less than a week I can take kiwi cuttings and have them
rooted without a mister?  I'll have to ask my friend that runs a kiwi
nursery if he has tried this technique.  He usually roots cuttings 6-8"
long and his success rate is less than 50%.  I wonder how this would
work with roses?
-Mark Lee, Seattle z8a

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Dormant cuttings can be rooted with bottom heat if you keep the tops
cold, but I have not had great success with it. The easiest and almost
100% successful method I use is leaf bud cuttings. I cut green to
semi-green shoots, and then divide into one inch sections of stem with
one bud with the petiole and leaf attached. Each cutting is dipped in
rooting hormone and placed in potting soil in a seed starting tray. The
stem and bud are placed about 1/2 to 1 inch deep, with the leaf sticking
out. The trays are placed under a fluorescent light at room temperature.
I leave the cover on until shoots just emerge, then remove the top for a
few days before transplanting. Roots usually appear in just a few days,
and shoots emerge in about two weeks.

I have done this with cuttings taken at any time the plant is actively
growing right up to just before the leaves drop in fall. I have done
this with a number of species and all root easily except for the


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