[NAFEX] jujube rootstock

Lisa Almarode lisaalmarode at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 24 16:14:07 EDT 2004

My grafted jujube didn't ever leaf out but has 
resprouted from the rootstock.  Is the rootstock
remotely likely to produce a decent edible jujube?  

How easy is it to graft jujubes?  (I'm very new to
grafting).  If I locate scionwood in spring, can
I dormant whip graft?  It's pretty bushy and only 
about 8" high, so I'm not sure how I'd do this, and 
I'm not even sure what this is supposed to look like.

I don't want to leave this in the orchard if it's
not likely to ever be productive, but I hate to pull
up things that aren't dead.

Anyone know anything at all about jujubes?

Lisa in Ashland Oregon
USDA Z7 - Sunset Z7 - 1800' - 19" annual rainfall

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