[NAFEX] Re: winter prep

Deb Schneider debs at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 24 14:35:44 EDT 2004

Thanks Muffy and everyone for the sage advice.  The deer have not come closer than the pond (about 200 yards away)...and the dogs (seven of them) would go nuts if they did come up the hill.  Our fruit trees and bushes are pretty close to the house ...to keep deer away AND to prevent escaped livestock from dining on them.  Came home last night to our Oberhasli buck munching the pussywillow next to the window--DH forgot to turn the electric fence back on.  I did lose one pear to sheep...but now put a fence barricade around trees that they can reach when they are moved nearby.  Live and learn!

Deb Schneider
Glouster, OH 5/6

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