[NAFEX] How to prep trees and bushes for winter

Rodney Eveland reveland at collinscom.net
Wed Sep 22 23:06:12 EDT 2004

All of your bush fruits will be fine with normal care (i.e. water
during droughts, spray bugs if necessary). Zones 5 and 6 are probably
the ideal fruit tree zones (the rest of us should be so lucky). Learn
how to prune, water when necessary, fertilize in the fall after they
are dormant (when they get a few years older) and enjoy (okay so there
are other problems during the growing season, but winter should be the
least of your problems - late frosts are about the only meteorlogical
conditions you'll probably ever have to worry about other than floods
and mudslides from too much rain). The rest of us are envious of those
who live in zones 5-6.

Rodney in Northeast Wyoming

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