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I'd just like to remind people east of the rockies to be cautious of 
ordering plants from west of the rockies, especially places where 
sudden oak death may be endemic.

It may be too late to stop it's spread, but I don't want to be the one 
who introduces it to my neighborhood.


On Sep 20, 2004, at 3:14 PM, Mark Lee wrote:

> Robert,
> A number of mail order nurseries carry this plant.  I didn't write down
> the name of the wholesale nursery, but it was somewhere in Oregon.  If
> you want to ask the retail place I was at directly, here is a link to
> their webpage, which has e-mail and phone contact info on it.  The tag
> on the plant said Chilean Guava, and then in small print it said Ugni
> molinae.
> -Mark Lee
> http://www.skynursery.com/doc/contact.htm
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> Do the plants have a tag with the grower or wholesale
> place on it.  I would like to give them a try as well.
> Robert
> --- Mark Lee <markl at nytec.com> wrote:
>> I have a small 3 inch plant of Ugni molinae, aka
>> Chilean Guava.  This
>> past weekend I was browsing through a local nursery
>> and spotted a couple
>> pots of these plants, both with fruit.  I picked one
>> of the
>> blueberry-sized berries and got my first taste of
>> this fruit that is
>> marginally hardy in Seattle.  The flavor reminded me
>> of alpine
>> strawberries... pineapple and other fruitiness.  It
>> also reminded of the
>> classic potluck dish of orange jello and pineapple
>> chunks.  I look
>> forward to my first harvest in the coming years.
>> -Mark Lee, Seattle, zone 8a

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