[NAFEX] deer fence

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 13 15:33:04 EDT 2004

I have an acre fenced with a row of 4' high, (12" wide verticles), standard 
field fencing on 8' t posts. It is the most economical - for strength - 
fencing I could use. Above it is one strand of electric at 4' 6" ( on solar 
- one second intervals ) and above that is non electrified wire on 6" 
increments. I consider anything 5' and above to be strictly visual barrier 
for deer.  8' t posts give about 6'6" above the ground. If I have to I will 
clamp on some conduit and hang another row or two or wire up to 8' for more 
visual barrier. ( can't find 10' t posts near here) I do bait the electric 
wire with peanut butter and foil in th e fall, I appreciate teh suggestion 
about using a stapler - as merely crimped foil tends to slide sideways and 
ground out the wire on the t post..  If bear get to be a problem, all I can 
figure to do is to add another row of the same 4' field fencing above the 
first, Del

Del Stubbs  http://www.pinewoodforge.com  ag zone2/3

<I've heard that technique is quite effective. But, it seems like the
&gt;fence would still have to be such that a deer wouldn't expend the
&gt;energy under normal situations to jump over it. In my area, 63 miles
&gt;from the Gulf Coast, in Texas, deer learn that if they jump over an
&gt;electric fence, they don't get shocked. Farmers use electric barbed
&gt;wire fences a lot to control cattle. Deer however go over the fence,
&gt;or slink under it if it is high enough off the ground.
&gt;I'm in the midst of erecting my 7' 6X6 inch mesh 12 gauge wire fence
&gt;around my orchard. But I may add an electric wire around it as well.
&gt;Males tend to tear down a plastic fence when in rut.
&gt;Randall Spalinger
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