[NAFEX] Damaged trees

Richard O'Barr aatopgunaa at mindspring.com
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If you can replace the piece of bark right away do so and wrap with tape, or
if bark is not found, and you can coat the wound where bark was removed with
Crisco it can heal over from the ray cells and not just from the edges with
the cambium.
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> My fruit trees are sited next to the hay field.  The neighbor puts up hay
on a share basis, and forever there has been no problem.  Until today.  He
ran into one of the apple trees and tore off a branch of about 5" diameter,
ripping it OUT of the mother branch at the junction.  The wood is splintered
three inches or more into the main branch--I pulled chunks out and can stick
my finger in there.  I pruned it off as best I could, but it is so
splintered and the bark around it is so loose I don't know how to help it
heal.  He skipped a tree, and then skinned a pear tree, knocking off a chunk
of bark about 1/3 of it's diameter, and abourt 5" tall.  Young tree.  What's
the best way to "fix" it?  Have put up a temporary fence to warn him off the
trees when he returns to ted and bale.
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