[NAFEX] Indian Red; Indian Blood Red Peach

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According to USDA Handbook of Peaches and Nectarines, it is thought to be a
seedling of Blood Cling from France prior to 1857.  Don't know a thing about
its specific history of hybridization, however a number of red or maroon
foliage "ornamental" varieties have been introduced and I suspect they were
likely to have originated from this peach.

I do know that Joe Goffreda of Rutgers has used some sort of Redleafed peach
in his hybridization with various non-melting (processing) peaches and flat

Ed, S. Ohio .... fall like

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  Hello all:
       Can anyone give me any information on the origin, history, and
breeding of the Indian Red or Indian Blood Red peaches?  I assume they are
the same peach sold under different names, since they appear to be identical
in my orchard.  Thank you for any information you can provide.  Chris
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