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I have Ben Sarek.  They have been ripe for over a month.  In my garden,
this variety of currant hangs on the plant until picked.  I nibbled on a
few fresh ones last night.  I'm growing Ben Sarek because I like the
fresh flavor of the overripe fruit which I prefer over other types of
currant for nibbling fresh.  I could probably harvest these by doing one
late picking.  It is interesting that the same variety falls off the
bush in one location and hangs on late in the season in another

-Mark Lee, Seattle zone 8a


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Jim, my experience here in St. Paul is that there's quite a bit of
difference on how black currants ripen, depending on cultivar.


My 'Crandall' currants, which are not R. nigra, ripen very ununiformly.
I picked my first about a month ago and fruit on the lower branches are
still ripening.  Undoubtedly, the harvest is more drug out when the
growing season temperatures have been cool as they have been this year.
In Kansas, where summer temperatures are considerably higher, wild
buffalo currants ripen all their berries within a week or so.  Luckily,
Crandall holds its berries well until they can be picked (although those
that are ripe too long will begin to dry on the plant).


My 'Consort' currants seem to ripen fairly evenly and can usually be
picked in two pickings.  They also seem to stick pretty well to the


I have found 'Ben Sarek' very likely to drop if the fruit is left ripe
on the plant too long.  Other Ben series cultivars seem to vary, with
'Ben Lamond' possibly sticking best when ripe.


--Sam Brungardt, St. Paul, Minn. (USDA Hardiness Zone 4b)


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    How are Black Currants to be harvested?

    My red currants all get ripe at the same time but my black currants
ripen one-at-a-time.  They get ripe, then fall off and dry up.  I've
been picking them every second day for over a month and it has become
such a time waster that I'm seriously thinking about grubbing them out
and planting something else.

    But then, the Canadians say that it is a farm crop so am I doing
something wrong?  How does anyone else harvest black currants (I have
Ben Sarac, Ben Alder and Crandell).


Jim Fruth

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