[NAFEX] Crandall Harvest

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Wed Sep 1 11:00:47 EDT 2004


I usually only do two pickings of Crandalls.  Crandalls will hang ripe for  
a week or two, so push your harvests to the end of the time window to get  
the bulk of them.

Crandalls do not ripen uniformaly.  However, I have one bush close to a  
jiddie pool that gets defoliated from the hard/chlorine content of the  
pool water.  The leaves fall, but the fruit remains.  With exposure to  
sun, the fruit all seem to ripen more uniformly.

I hear of grape leaves being removed to improve ripening,.  It may work  
for Crandall as well.

There are so many currants this year that most are going to waste.


On Wed, 1 Sep 2004 07:15:45 -0500, Jim Fruth <jfruth at uslink.net> wrote:

>     How are Black Currants to be harvested?
>     My red currants all get ripe at the same time but my black currants  
> ripen one-at-a-time.  They get ripe, then fall off and dry up.  I've  
> been picking them every second day for over a month and it has become  
> such a time waster that I'm seriously thinking about grubbing them out  
> and planting something else.
>     But then, the Canadians say that it is a farm crop so am I doing  
> something wrong?  How does anyone else harvest black currants (I have  
> Ben Sarac, Ben Alder and Crandell).
> Jim Fruth


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