[NAFEX] Re: nafex Digest, Vol 21, Issue 69

Pat Meadows pat at containerseeds.com
Sat Oct 30 14:15:41 EDT 2004

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004 13:49:16 -0400, you wrote:

>On Oct 30, 2004, at 1:31 PM, tanis cuff wrote:
>> . . .tried Jostaberry but deer devoured it.  . . .
>Funny you should mention that.  A friend gave me a cutting of her 
>jostaberry a few weeks ago.  I just noticed that it has already been 
>seriously damaged by deer.  They've never bothered my currants, and 
>have only bothered one apple tree (Ashmeads), and I rarely see any 
>other damage.
>Has anyone else noticed special deer pressure on jostaberry?

Something - believed to be deer - ate all the leaves off my
gooseberries and jostaberry overnight - in one night.  I
suppose it could have been a woodchuck.  But I suspect deer.
I don't think it could have been insect damage, because
caging the plants with chicken-wire totally stopped it, and
it has not recurred.

This was last year and the plants were just young (we had
planted them only a few months before that).

The gooseberries survived and leafed out again, the
jostaberry didn't.  

The gooseberries are now enclosed in chicken-wire cages, and
when we get another jostaberry next spring, it too will be
enclosed in a chicken-wire cage (at least while it's young).
And our blueberries are also caged.  We've learned that we
need to do this.


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