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Sat Oct 30 08:18:17 EDT 2004

I use aluminum windowscreen, and just run it around once, being careful 
to seal the ends.  I have few enough trees that my experience doesn't 
count for much, but I have also used window screen to keep mice out of 
the house, and one layer seems adequate.  It's nice, because it 
breathes well, and probably also keeps out boring beetles.

I get the window screen free from the local place the fixes people's 
screen windows and doors.  I just don't use the part that's ripped or 
whatever.  The don't usually keep it around, (and spring is the best 
time to visit) but usually when I show up they have some lying around 
from the day's work.


On Oct 29, 2004, at 10:47 PM, Rondi Anderson wrote:

> I am considering the mulching to increase the health of my soil. I'm a 
> Ruth Stout girl at heart. :-D The more mulch the merrier. I'm too 
> impatient and lazy for compost.
> Are you growing only apples in your orchard?
> Regarding the foil, how wide of a strip are you using and how many 
> times to do wrap it around?
> Thanks,
> Rondi
>> From: "tanis cuff" <tanistanis at hotmail.com>
>> Subject: RE: [NAFEX] New Apples
>> I haul leaves from towns to my rural plantings.  (I like to tell 
>> people
>> working in their yards:  "Can I have your leaves?  I put them on my 
>> lawn".)
>> Was wondering whether to post a comment here that I seem to have less 
>> damage
>> from apple scab than some sprayed orchards, but other factors may be 
>> at
>> play, other than just covering the innoculum source.  I try to get 
>> enough
>> leaves under the dripline of all trees, especially those I didn't 
>> control
>> the weeds, to cover whatever is trying to grow.  It also looks nice.
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