[NAFEX] Re: nafex Digest, Vol 21, Issue 69

Rondi Anderson nafex at mokalive.com
Fri Oct 29 22:47:18 EDT 2004

I am considering the mulching to increase the health of my soil. I'm a 
Ruth Stout girl at heart. :-D The more mulch the merrier. I'm too 
impatient and lazy for compost.

Are you growing only apples in your orchard?

Regarding the foil, how wide of a strip are you using and how many 
times to do wrap it around?



> From: "tanis cuff" <tanistanis at hotmail.com>
> Subject: RE: [NAFEX] New Apples
> I haul leaves from towns to my rural plantings.  (I like to tell people
> working in their yards:  "Can I have your leaves?  I put them on my 
> lawn".)
> Was wondering whether to post a comment here that I seem to have less 
> damage
> from apple scab than some sprayed orchards, but other factors may be at
> play, other than just covering the innoculum source.  I try to get 
> enough
> leaves under the dripline of all trees, especially those I didn't 
> control
> the weeds, to cover whatever is trying to grow.  It also looks nice.

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