[NAFEX] Fall planting.

Jwlehman at aol.com Jwlehman at aol.com
Fri Oct 29 11:40:48 EDT 2004

I'm in zone 5b and prefer fall planting. Have successfully planted without 
using an ounce of water. The trees are dormant and need no water. Simply dig a 
large hole, pulverize the soil and plant mounding the soil. Let the winter and 
spring rains settle the soil. Then they are in place for that early spring 
root growth. Who knows it may be too wet for early spring planting and many 
nurseries ship late, fall planting avoids those problems. Also helps avoid the 
crack that developes around the edge of the hole that restricts root growth the 
first year. 

One word of caution, if in the North (maybe zone 6 and further north) place 6 
inches of mulch over the top to prevent the frost from freezing deep and 
killing roots. Frost penetrates much deeper in loose soil. 

Observation. Someone mentioned winter soil heaving (buldge or lift). I've 
seen it heave as much as 6 inches here in central Indiana. 

My 2 cents worth.

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