[NAFEX] Non-flowering Apple Trees

Jim Fruth jfruth at uslink.net
Fri Oct 29 10:36:26 EDT 2004

   Re Ginda and his apple trees that don't produce flowers, I used to have
that problem too.  When I have such problems, the first thing I do is get a
soil analysis.  My non-flowering apple trees were growing in a boron
deficient soil.
   For those of you who may add boron to your trees' soil, heed this
warning:  Ample amounts of soil boron is measured in ounces per acre.  If
you add even a tiny smidgeon too much, you could kill your tree(s).  Before
adding any micronutrient, get a soil test from a professional laboratory.

Jim Fruth
Pequot Lakes, MN 

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