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I think that fall is the best time to plant currants and gooseberries and  
also to root cuttings. I no longer propagate and sell plants but have rooted  
many hundreds by fall cuttings. I am in central PA zone 5/6. I like to till a  
row , add rotted leaf mulch and till it again. I put down black plastic, and  
stab the cuttings through the plastic. I prefer to get the cuttings in by mid  
October - our first good frost is about that time, I strip any remaining 
leaves  off the cuttings before sticking them. I like cuttings about 8 to 10 inches 
 long and stick them in about 4 to 5 inches.I have found very little 
difference  in using cutting with or without the terminal end. The ground rarely 
freezes  before mid to late December so the cuttings will probably have roots 
formes  before that. Gooseberries are an exception - they do not root as easily as  
currants and some are very difficult to root. I have had better luck rooting  
semi-green cuttings of gooseberry in May. They must be kept moist and in the  
shade at that time. I also remove all but the top three of four leaves, then  
spray or dip the tops in "Wilt Pruf". I also use a rooting harmone with  them.
I think that fall planting is much better than spring planting because in  
the spring we often get early dry spells that would require a lot of watering -  
even with a drip system. In the fall the weather is cooling and we get more  
rain, the plant tops are leafless so do not transpire as much as plants in the 
Ed Mashburn
Zone 5/6 PA
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