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Thu Oct 28 17:06:16 EDT 2004


That is indeed the point. I hope Ginda, Lisa and Regina catch your thoughts.
I have sent my $39 dollars to Jackie.  You as well?


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I also don't think the best use of $39 is to buy gift
memberships/subscriptions of 'Pomona' for 3 people who might not want it.
Makes more sense to give the $39 to NAFEX, and tell 30 people about the
NAFEX website & listserv.  Some of these will become paying members; plus
greater increase of the base for info exchange.

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Bruce, I believe it does matter whom we recruit for new members by
giving gift memberships because whether the new member will continue as
an active participant in NAFEX is a product of his/her place of
residence, enthusiasm, pomological interests, philosophy and financial
resources.  I say this because I have given several gift memberships to
another organization to which I belong and to my knowledge none of the
recipients has maintained his/her membership past the period covered by
the gift membership.  I now am a lot pickier about how I select those to
whom I give such memberships.

What we should be looking for is people who have an abiding interest in
growing fruit at home who will continue as involved members over time.
That is how an organization grows strong through its membership.--Sam
Brungardt, St. Paul, Minn.

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