[NAFEX] converted willingly

Lisa Almarode lisaalmarode at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 28 16:22:21 EDT 2004

Bruce, no doubt you are passionate about NAFEX and
want very much to help NAFEX grow and meet it's
budget.  Please, consider if your words are turning
people off.  Personally, after both your original
insulting post, and your defense of that in the
subsequent posts, I feel less inclined to put in 
extra effort to help NAFEX than I did before. The 
silent majority may simply be unsubbing.  Isn't this 
counter to your goal?

As my mother would say "if you can't say anything 
nice, don't say anything at all" and "you catch more 
flies with honey than with vinegar" 

I also have a nonfruit full-time job, family, 
livestock, gardens, and a million hobbies to deal 
with.  I find fruit growing a compelling hobby, and
I believe in what NAFEX is doing to share information,
and I'm very grateful for all I've learned. But fruit
and NAFEX do have to jostle with a lot else in my 

This post is well-intentioned, I hope you will take
a minute to consider before you flame back.  I don't
intend to respond further to this, and I'm quite 
willing to filter all email from you, if that is
needed.  And Heron, I do apologize for my compliance 
in the hijacking of your subject line.

Lisa in Ashland Oregon

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