[NAFEX] winter hanging apples

mark wessel growyourown at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 28 15:24:20 EDT 2004

   I read Richard Faheys "Winter hanging apples" article in Pomona with
great interest. Does anyone else have any experience in this facet of apple
   For years I have been enjoying these fermented little crabs at one of my
jobs. Its an elegant crab. Clusters of mid to small sized crabs with the
shape of a Red Delicious apple. After a few frost they get soft and brown.
You just squeeze and suck the juice. Straining the seeds with your front
teeth.  Five or six of these give me quite a pleasant feeling that takes the
edge of the work day off.
   This may seem a little strange for some folks but its coming from a
fellow who also thinks the occasionaal magot in the sweet cherries makes
them a value added product. One thing that isnt so pleasant are the stink
bugs in the berries.

Mark,  southern ohio

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