[NAFEX] Paw paws in Iowa?

DocKW at aol.com DocKW at aol.com
Thu Oct 28 08:06:20 EDT 2004

Hi All;
I am in SW Connecticut    Zone 5 and about 10 years ago planted some Paw Paw 
seeds sent to me from a member in Illinois.  They grew well and we now have 
some beautiful fruit which are a delight and carefree as grown here in CT.
I could send you seeds which should be either stratified in your frig or 
planted this fall in a good protected site.  
You should grow 3 or 4 trees....as they are all seedlings you'll get 
pollenation. A minimum of 2 trees  will do it if they are compatible.( i guess most 
are).  Plant all
the seeds and keep some spares in the nursery.  

I'd recommend letting more that 2 trees grow as you know what with lawnmower 
disease and other natural disasters you'd not want to end up with only one 

write me offline if you want more info
Karl Olson      dockw at aol.com

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