[NAFEX] Paw paws in Iowa?

Diane Porter dporter at lisco.com
Wed Oct 27 11:23:17 EDT 2004

At last my husband and I have moved to a few acres in rural Iowa, with plenty of space to plant trees. There already are lots of trees, but they're mostly honey locusts and dying or doomed elms. It's a great opportunity to fulfil our dreams of paw paws, American persimmons, kiwis, mulberries, and more. We're not young, so our idea is, better get started! 

Here's are  some of my questions. 
Will paw paws grow in southeast Iowa's zone 5? 
Do I need two varieties for pollination? 
Can I start from seeds, or do I need to spring for the cost of started trees? 
What is a good source for seeds and/or trees? 
I have grafted lots of apples, pears, and mulberries. Can I graft paw paw cultivars onto seedling paw paws? If so, is there a source for scion material?
Any other suggestions from you Fruit Exporers?

Diane Porter
Fairfield, Iowa
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