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Taking Heron's point, NAFEX members have duties and responsibilities. One of
the responsibilities is to fund your organization. I realize that those on
the list-serv represent about 10% of the membership, perhaps less. Many on
the list-serv are not members. It appears that all you folk do is talk and
talk and talk, yawn! You never do anything, apparently. Asking y'all for
$10.00 to NAFEX is like lying on your back and spitting at the stars. I
asked that each of us purchase three memberships for others. Wow $39.00!!
You would think you were asking for $39,000.00. What a bunch of tight-wads.
Shame on you!! I even had one person state "I do not know anyone who would
want a membership". Egads!! Use your telephone directory. Pick three people
at random who have fruit-like last names and buy them a membership. Another
person wanted to know what the money would be used for. What kind of a
question is that when, to all intents and purposes, no one will contribute
one red cent?

Perhaps we are lucky that most of you won't write letters for POMONA. Why
expose the rest of the membership, who find using computers demeaning, to
selfish and self centered attitudes.

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Writing article is a little like preparing a lecture, then getting up and
delivering it while everybody else listens.

A round-robin is more like a note we passed around in class while the
teacher was out of the room.  ["Did you watch Outer Limits last night?"
"Let's go to Andy's after school]

I haven't written enough articles for Pomona - why can't we used this email
form here to show our work at its current state and ask the others to
respond helpfully to help us finish our stuff up so it can be submitted?

Charlie Paradise
out of ink in Massachusetts

Heron Breen wrote:

there is a place for an on-line

> Pomona. Taking it a step further, I think if we can create a round-robin
> such as Lon describes as the original intent of Pomona by looking
presenting what
> is discussed on the list as discussion points for members, and also
> looking at what non-list letters bring up, we can comment on each other. I
guess I
> am grasping to integrate the two, and still keep the focus to diversify
and lengthn
> Pomona. How to increase involvement...how to get folks to
> force anyone to write, but I am still intrigued by the old requirement
that writing
> was the duty of members.

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