[NAFEX] Korean giant pear (various other names)

David Doud doudone at netusa1.net
Tue Oct 26 23:07:08 EDT 2004

when I discuss K Giant pears with my customers,  I compare them to a good
watermelon - delicate,  crisp texture (gritty Honeycrisp),  very juicy,
with a delicate,  sweet flavor - no suggestion of 'pear' flavor a'la
Bartlett  - a favorite here...

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> I tried a Korean giant pear about one week ago. It was not what I
> expected. The texture and flavor (including a fair percentage grit
> cells) was much more like a european pear than the asian pears I am
> familiar with. It reminded me of the "ok, but not very exciting"
> european pears I grew up with in Africa (not costal -- up over a mile
> high).
> The question is: is that what I should expect from that pear? Is it
> possible that it wasn't properly ripe? (It didn't feel super hard, but
> it wasn't exactly soft, either.)
> -sb
> In zone 5 and thinking "So this has to be our Indian summer" and "Will
> my male kiwi decide to do the right thing next spring so I can get some
> fruit?"
> :-,  <= A smiley face licking its lips in anticipation.
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