[NAFEX] University of Arkansas (Primocane Fruiting Blackberry)

Todd Ravitch travitch at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 26 11:23:45 EDT 2004

After going through a number of digests this morning,
I came across a topic about a cold hardy Blackberry. 
I know that Blackberry canes are typically not very
cold hardy.  I did see a presentation last January
here in Tulsa.  The presentation covered an upcoming
Blackberry release(s) from the University of Arkansas
breeding program.  They were finishing trials of a
Primocane fruiting blackberry.  The production of the
fall blackeberries slows considerably here in out hot
summers.  I understand that these were also trialed in
the Puget sound area where I understand they produced
quite well.  My thoughts are these may be suitable for
those of you in very cold areas of the United States
where Floricanes would not survive the winter.  Your
summers are typically cooler and production should not
slow.  Ripening may be a factor however for you as a
freeze may set in earlier than harvest.  I just do not
know.  I seem to remember that I may have posted
something about this in the Rubus group last January
but I don't clearly remember.  The program at the
University of Arkansas for these was being conducted
by John R. Clark and James N. Moore.  Those of you
that are interested in these may want to try and
contact them through the University.  They do not do
well here in my area so my interest in these is very
limited but I thought I would pass the information

Todd Ravitch
NE Oklahoma

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